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5 Most Dangerous Android Apps You Should Never Install on Your Phone




As viruses and bloatware become an ever-growing issue for Android, you must make sure that your applications are not a risk to you or your smartphone. Google deletes several spamware and malware software from the Play Store sometimes, but what about some of the more common applications that aren’t entirely malware per se yet may nonetheless be big privacy snakes? Here, we tell you about the most risky Android applications to keep away if you respect your privacy.


Google Play is a fantastic way to try new applications, but before installing new apps, it is important to be careful due to the possible security implications. If you are not vigilant, even old and well known applications can prove to be privacy nightmares. Some applications can gather information from your phone and exchange your personal information for money with third-party advertisers. Therefore, we have created a list of the most dangerous Android applications that you can exclude right now from your

1. UC Browser

Created by UCWeb, Chinese tech giant subsidiary Alibaba, the UC browser is one of the Android web browsers that have been most downloaded. Cyber security experts however say that they do not encrypt their data transfer properly, which can put the personal data at risk of hackers and intelligence services having to intercept it. The browser uses poor encryption, and often no encryption at all, as it communicates keystrokes over the internet, according to experts. It’s a risky, unsecured application that should be removed from your ASAP phone.

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