Honda SP 160. Powerhouse at Splendor’s Price, Apache Rivalry in Half Budget Now

The Honda SP 160 is the latest offering from the leading player in the two-wheeler segment, making Honda the second largest bike manufacturer in India after Hero. Known for their high-performance scooters and bikes, Honda has always satisfied users with their powerful engines. If you are planning to buy a new sports bike, the Honda SP 160 can be a great choice for you.

Strong Performance of Honda SP 160

The Honda SP 160 not only has an attractive look but also boasts a strong performance with its powerful 162 cc engine, leaving even the Apache RTR behind. Despite its powerful performance, the price of the SP 160 is not as high as the Splendor, making it an attractive option for bike enthusiasts.

Powerhouse Performance

The heart of the Honda SP 160 is its powerful 162 cc engine, which produces 13 bhp at 7500 RPM and 14 Newton-meters of torque at 5500 RPM. This bike guarantees a smooth and powerful ride, competing with the best in its class. It also offers excellent mileage, covering a distance of up to 50 kilometers on just 1 liter of petrol.

Equipped with Modern Features

The Honda SP 160 comes with a digital instrument console, including a digital odometer, speedometer, clock, service reminder, low fuel indicator, low battery indicator, and digital fuel gauge. These features add a modern touch to the bike and enhance the riding experience.

Honda SP 160 Price and Variants

The price of the Honda SP 160 starts from ₹1,39,045 in the Indian market. It is available in two variants, one with double disc brakes and the other with single disc brakes. Considering its price and features, buying the Honda SP 160 proves to be a worthy decision.

  • Powerful 162 cc engine
  • Good mileage of up to 50 kilometers per liter of petrol
  • Digital instrument console with modern features
  • Price starting from ₹1,39,045
  • Two variants available

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